Boogaloo StuThings were looking extremely exciting. Boogaloo Stu stopped by to spin a set. Somehow, with barely no promotion on my part, even though I was running two weekly clubnights and working in a management role working full time for one of the media giants, I had started what was basically London's coolest, most original and dare I say it, glamorous midweek club.

Alex BI roped in Harry from Glamourama and Alex from ragga, gabba and digital hardcore night; Sick and Twisted, who brought a unique industrial element to the final few records.

Most importantly though, I got a free vodka from Borko. This was actually more of an achievement than getting all the press coverage, getting a free drink from a man so panicked by the thought of DMB ending that he
Joesuggested that we 'play the records more slowly'. No chance though, the end was nigh. Shame though, Joe the venue manager had been having a great time, seemingly forgetting where he was…

I counted the rest of the money with Sarah from Help The Aged at her head office in Kings Cross, and we had basically raised 1400 cash in ten weeks. It had been a resounding success, all I had to now do was the final night which would involve playing the final 20 records, presenting the money to HTA, and then having open decks for the rest of the night.

I decided that as a thankyou twist, I would end the night by doing a party set of my very own 7" collection, which bizarrely enough lasted exactly one hour. It was fate. I gave them away as well.

Meanwhile, Rachel and a friend called Silke had
Dead Man's Boots
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